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Fotos De Lesbicas Nuas

Un étrange noël..
Snow time
The melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & other stories - Tim Burton  
Stick Boy's Festive Season
Srick Boy noticed that his Christmas tree looked healthier than he did. 
Unwisely, Santa offered a teddy bear to James, unware that he had been mauled by a grizzly earlier that year.
The Boy with Nails in His Eyes
The Boy with Nails in His Eyes / put up his aluminium tree. / It looked pretty strange / because he couldn't really see.
La petite fille aux allumettes - Tale Andersen
It was terribly cold it was snowing since morning and it was already dark in the evening approached, the evening of the last day of the year. Amid bursts through the bitter cold, a poor little girl walking down the street: she had nothing on her head, she was barefoot. When she was leaving her home the morning she had been old slippers too big for her. Also lost it when she had to flee before a line of cars, the cars passed, she looked after her shoes and a boy fled, carrying laughed one of the slippers and the other was completely crushed.
's the unfortunate child with nothing to shelter her poor little feet. In his old apron she wore matches: she was holding a package. But today, the eve of New Year, everyone was busy, for this dreadful time, nobody stopped to consider the air begging the little girl who felt sorry. The day ended, and she had not sold a single pack of matches. Shivering with cold and hunger, she crept from street to street. Flakes of snow covered her long blonde hair. All windows shining lights: almost all the houses came a delicious smell, that of a goose, we roasted for the feast of the evening was New Year's Eve. That, yes, it made him stop his footsteps stray. Finally, after a final package offered in vain for his match, the child sees a corner between two houses, one a little more than another. Harassed, she sits down and crouched there, pulling her to her feet, but she shivers and shudders even more than before and yet she dares not go home. She did not report the smallest coin, and her father beat her. The
Her little hands were almost frozen with the cold. "If I took a match, she told herself, just to warm my fingers? That's what she did. What flame was wonderful! He seemed suddenly to the little girl she was before a large iron stove, decorated with ornaments made of copper. The child stretched his feet to warm them, when the small flame went out brusquely the stove vanished, and the child stood there, holding a small piece of wood half burned.
She struck a flame, the light is projected onto the wall it became transparent. Behind the table was set: it was covered with a beautiful white tablecloth, on which stood a splendid dinner china. In the middle, spread a magnificent roast goose, surrounded by apple: and behold the beast starts to move and with a knife and fork set in his chest, just appear before the poor girl. And then nothing: the flame goes out.
The child takes a third match, and she sees herself transported by a tree Christmas wonderful. On the green branches, thousands of candles shining colors: from all sides, hung a multitude of wonders. The little one stretched out to grasp the less beautiful the match went out. The tree seems to rise into the sky and candles become stars: there is one that stands out and back down to earth, leaving a trail of fire.
"This is someone who is dying," said the girl. Her grandmother, the only one who had loved her, and who had died there was not long, he was told that when a star falls, On the other hand a soul ascends to heaven. She rubbed another match on a great light spread and, before the child, stood the old grandmother.
- Grandmother, "cried the girl, grandmother, take me. Oh! you will go away when the match is off: you pass out like the warm stove, the roast goose, the splendid Christmas tree. Besides, I pray thee, and carry me. And the child
lit another match, and then another, and finally the whole package, good to see grandmother as long as possible. The grandmother took Early in her arms and carried her high up in a place where there was neither cold nor hunger nor pain, that was before the throne of God.
The next morning, however, passers-by found the body in the corner of the small, her cheeks were red, she seemed to smile, she died of cold during the night which had brought so many joys and pleasures. She held in her hand, all stiffened, the burnt remains of a packet of matches. - What stupidity! said a homeless heart. How could she believe that the warm up? Other shed tears over the child that they did not know all the beautiful things she had seen the night of the new year is that they were unaware that if she had suffered much, she tasted now in the arms of her grandmother the sweetest bliss.
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